Meet The Team

David Michael Powell aka. DMP

Creative Director

David's background may not lie in fashion (or DMP as he is known to his friends) but he always worked in a design orientated environment. DMP graduated from Liverpool Uni with a Degree in Architecture & went on to practice for 2 years before becoming the Creative director at 304. DMP's keen interest in social media and marketing has helped to force 304 into the market.

Sean Cotter aka. DOC

Managing Director

Sean is the most qualified member of Team 304, with a PhD behind him, after 8 years at University Sean's career has veered off in a different direction. It wasn't long ago Sean spent the hours of 9-5 in a lab developing kits for medical research. Sean now spends 24 hours a day handling all of the operational requirements to run 304 clothing the brand. Sean's background of working under extreme pressure has stood him in good steed to handle the day to day pressure of running his own business.


Why 304

A dream, an idea, a concept to encompass all things exciting, 
304 was created by three friends, who met at University,
 now living out of apartment 304.
 The Plan; to have a summer to beat all summers; from festivals to holidays, to festivals on holiday, 304 was created with an idea -of standing out.

After numerous nights out discussing ideas, numerous nights out NOT discussing ideas, days lost to cutting out letters,
 hours of ironing, the first handmade vests were produced.

Numerous emails and messages from friends, and friends of friends, enquiring about where to get hold of these vests.
The revolution was beginning...

All it took was one photograph of Apartment 304 and the brand was born.

With 304 now developing as a brand and with numerous capsule collections throughout the year, we started to develop in the industry and learn what it is going to 
take to make 304 the next big thing.

Team 304 embarked on a journey across Route 66 in America , where we spent many days and nights discussing where we wanted the brand to go and the sacrifices needed to achieve this.

Fast forward another 12 months & 304 is now stocked in over 50 stores worldwide & new stockists continue to grow each week. 304 may once have been just a slogan brand, but 304 is now so much more than that & we have so much more planned for the next few years… Keep an eye on our social media pages to see how the story continues to unfold and follow our journey @davidmichaelpowell304 @srcotter304.