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Customise your buys! 304 Custom Series 2

We’ve just launched Series 2 of the 304 custom range and it’s been a big hit within the 304 community. It’s felt like the weather has gone a bit backwards this past week here in the UK but that hasn’t stopped the T-shirt crew come out to buy the brand-new custom designs. In Cheltenham week I’m willing to put my neck on the line and say a sunny spring is just around the corner, so there’s no better time to back a cert by bagging a new pinstripe t-shirt.

When I hear the word ‘custom’ I instantly think of Xzibit, hydraulics and West Coast Customs! And that’s exactly what we’re trying to achieve here at 304! Well, not pimping rides but making 304 the go to brand when it comes to customising in 2019. Pick it, print it, wear it! We first launched a few designs in January and we felt that there wasn’t a huge amount of autonomy for the customer, but our main focus was to gauge the response. With the ‘Series 2’ launch we have added in more T-shirts and more design options, new styles and new logo designs including a neon orange and slick script font.

304 Statement T-Shirt Black / Grey

The Statement Oversize T-shirts see the slick script and vibrant orange logos printed in a number of combinations making any of the garms perfect to style out under a short jacket this spring or even just over jeans as the summer evenings come to light.

304 Statement black T-shirt

If you’re not sure, here’s a brief description of how the Custom process works:

  • Visit the 304 Custom page on the site
  • Browse, browse, browse through a selection of styles and logos that you can choose from!
  • Select ‘the one’ and add it to your basket!
  • The 304 team heat press it in our Birmingham studio and deliver to your door!

Series 2 hosts loads of combinations which means that you’re very likely to get really unique pieces! These designs will only be around for 2 weeks and no more than 100 will be sold to make sure they keep their limited-edition crown! This is a unique movement and the ability to have your say when choosing your streetwear clothing is a rare opportunity. Ok we have recently seen Primark try to storm the idea but only optioning Disney or Star Wars designs doesn’t make us too worried! Just remember where you saw it first! 😉

304 Statement T-Shirt

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