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Christmas draws near, that means the dreaded gifting begins. But it doesn’t have to be all hard work...

We know gifting for a female can be very hard this time of year and I am guessing you are having trouble finding the perfect Christmas gift for all the ladies in your life. Well we are here to guide you through the best streetwear xmas presents for your wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister, mother and friend.

The new womens range -

Our new womens range is stylish yet unique, perfect for someone that loves urban fashion and is wanting to dress outside of their comfort zone. With outfits in many colours, e.g. yellow, green and black, you will not be stuck for choice.
This new collection is essential for many occasions. If its going to the gym, *cough* failing *cough*, in January as part of their New Years resolution or lounging in the house on Christmas Day with a full belly, your loved one will certainly be doing it in comfort. OUR WOMENS HOODIES RANGE IS COMFORT PERSONIFIED!  NON MORE SO THAN THE ZINFANDEL VELOUR HOOD, IT’S SO COMFY WE PROMISE SHE WON’T BE stealing YOUR TEES AGAIN!

Lounge box -

We all know that Christmas is the perfect excuse to lounge around and do nothing. Why not grab your loved one a loungewear box that includes 3 luxury lounge set items such as the Ox Blood Legging and Sports Bra Set.

These also come in a verity of colours, so why not pick your favourite.

Christmas mystery box -

Okay so if you are reallyyyyy stuck on what to get for this female of yours, we’ve got the perfect gift for you!
Why not order her one of our new xmas mystery boxes. These range from £25 all the way up to £100, so whatever your budget is we’ve got you covered.
Who doesn’t like a surprise after all.

Gift Cards - 


Gift cards are a great idea for secret Santa or if you just don't know what someone may like. We have xmas gift cards ranging from £10 - £100, so your loved one can browse the store and chose their fave pieces.


For the guide to a perfect male Christmas present, press here.

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