custom logo library

Take a look at our premium custom patches before you start..



The chenille custom patch has been a consistent best seller for us. This premium patch is made up of five colours of chenille material with a white 304 embroidered logo. Simple but effective this patch can add some real character to your custom piece.

etched felt

Our etched felt patches are another premium option and are a great addition to your custom garment for a high quality finish. This patch is available in two colours; black and teal.

chain stitch embroidery on twill base

This patch features a gold 304 embroidered logo stitched onto a white twill base. The patch is then covered over with a chain stitched pattern to give a full 3D effect.

felt on felt with stitch overlay

A more delicate option here with a blush pink finish. We have laid felt on felt with a stitch patterned overlay. Added perfectly as a focal point of your custom piece.

satin patch

This is our satin 304 budenburg patch. It signifies the time and place that 304 actually started. If you have been a long time follower of 304 this could be the one for you.

printed satin with spacer mesh

Lifes a peach. May as well celebrate it with our satin peach patch. We have applied a 304 satin design over the top of a space mesh background. It has a great 3D feel and really stands out on the garments.

3d frayed stitch embroidery

Another hugely popular 304 patch here. This is a 3D embroidered logo with frayed stitches falling from beneath. Three tones of white are used across each number.

Embroidery on twill

The 304 stay chillin' logo is a playful option to remix your custom items. Super cool concept where we have taken the old school swim badge vibe and added a 304 twist.

silicone rubber patch

A rubber 304 circle patch that works absolutely anywhere. Add to your custom garment as a one off logo or part of a more complex look. The shape and colour of this patch makes it extremely versatile.

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