Sabrina Shannon


DOB: 01/05/1996

How did you first get into fashion?

I have been naturally into fashion since reception. I used to draw designs constantly from a very small age. I studied fashion design in college which challenged my creativity I then went to Birmingham City University and then studied fashion business and promotion. 


What’s was the key factor in deciding to join the growing 304 family?

304 clothing is a tight knit team that has a great working atmosphere. The business is also growing at a rapid pace which gives me opportunity to grow also. 


What are you most excited about outside of work? 

Anything to do with clothes or food… 


Where would you like to see your self this time next year? 

I would like to grow within my fashion career and have a more creative role by next year. 


What do you think 304’s USP is and why do you think they are still growing when other companies have petered out?

304 is a lifestyle brand that has a great story behind it. The authenticity of this is reflected through the brand which is something a lot of brands just don’t have. 


Finally, give us a random fact about your self which not many people know… 

A lot of people don’t realise that I’m actually mixed race. I am Jamaican, Irish and Indian which I’m very proud of.