Alex Regan


DOB: 13/01/1989

Tell us a little about your self?
My name’s Alex, people call me Regan- I respond to both, especially when used together which is particularly helpful. I followed the typical post-degree route of being in a couple of rock bands whilst working in finance. I’m big into cats, pizza, loud music, activities, Game of Thrones, karaoke, footy, beard growth, hot tubs, long walks on the beach and 304 Clothing.

How did you get into fashion?
If we go way back to 1999, a 10 year old future 304 Co-Founder DMP and myself used to start fashion trends, with the school corridors as our runway. Don’t think we didn’t notice our mates start to copy our chic rucksacks, the way we laced those Kickers or our stand out mufti day attire. By the time we were in high school, we were handpicking rare brands from eBay and vintage stores, and gaining an awful lot of respect outside the house.

What’s was the key factor in deciding to join the growing 304 family?
Right back at the start, being mates with DMP, I remember us promoting the original 304 designs at music festivals in Spain, and we’d be sticking flyers to just about everything we could see around New York.. the drive was clearly there from day one and the brand’s identity and appeal has grown rapidly ever since. It feels like a natural and exciting move to join 304, to see what impact I can make to help it evolve even further. That, and freebies.

What are you most excited about outside of work? 
The Eurovision Song Contest. Not even ironically.

Where would you like to see your self this time next year? 
Hawaii (courtesy of a Christmas bonus), treating myself to a well deserved getaway to reflect on all the successes and monumental growth team 304 has made in a year. 

What do you think 304’s USP is and why do you think they are still growing when other companies have petered out?
The distinctive brand identity. That belief in the strength of the brand generates the passion and energy to keep developing the standard and range of products to give the urban/streetwear clothing market what it wants before it even knows it.

Finally, give us a random fact about your self which not many people know…
I can perform Bubbler Ranx’s Mysterious Girl rap a bit too well.

Alex Regan