Kate Mawhinney



Tell us a little about your self?

Hi my name is Kate. I have an early years teaching degree and came out of teaching 5 years ago when i had my children. I set up my own business called posh canvas which led me to having a real interest in social media in business and fashion. I love spending time with my family, going on holiday, date nights, gin/prosecco and going shopping.


How did you get into fashion?

Shopping for the latest fashion trends and accessories is something i have always had a love and passion for. 


What’s was the key factor in deciding to join the growing 304 family?

We have always had a soft spot for 304 clothing in our household as we know Sean, and over the years have seen it going from strength to strength,  with my love for social media in business and fashion when the 304 team got me on board it was a dream opportunity as i love what i do and i'm looking forward to growing the 304 clothing business with the team even more.  


What are you most excited about outside of work? 

Getting my nails and hair done. 

Where would you like to see your self this time next year? 
Still working with the 304 team and having a few holidays. 
What do you think 304’s USP is and why do you think they are still growing when other companies have petered out?
The passion and dedication the team put into the business, the new ideas for the business, and the consistent hard work that everyone puts in keeps 304 clothing thriving. 
Finally, give us a random fact about your self which not many people know…
I love a good festival.