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Want to update your workout wardrobe? 5 reasons to try 304s active range!

Let’s not beat around the bush! You want to know why should you try something different to your favourite sports wear brands right? Well we want to tell you! Here we’ll give you our top 5 reasons why you should try our affordable, unique, super comfy, amazing fitting, squat proofed, brand new active range... 😉

1.Too much choice and too expensive

Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion gym wear or simply wanting some cheap affordable activewear to work up a sweat in. Sometimes it can be super tough to come by the perfect one for you. The choices, colours and performance specs can get your finger tired of scrolling and your mind a little bit bored! If you are lucky enough to find the one, your dreams can be crushed by what feels like a 100kg price tag! Simple affordable gym wear is what we want and that’s what we’ll bring to you. Our collection is what you might call a pocket rocket – not the biggest or the loudest or claiming to defy science but it does pack a power punch!

2. Save the blushes you’re squat proof covered!

Let’s not get too technical here, as we covered earlier, we don’t want to know the why’s and the how’s, just the do’s and the don’ts! All of our active leggings and sports bras have been designed to allow you to workout with confidence. The medium supporting sports bra lets you breeze through your exercises with ease and comfort whilst the seamless leggings have got your back too! The squat proof fabric will stretch to your limits and keep you covered and confident!

3. Comfy & cosy

Our new active collection has been devised so you don’t need to go anywhere else, you can find everything you need to support your workout. Whether it’s before or after we can keep you looking cute. The leggings, bras and vests are designed for running or lifting, whilst maintaining an ultra-flattering fit and look. Contouring body lines are a big feature in this collection. They also use a DRY technology for quick drying to keep you comfortable even in the toughest of workouts!

4. Warmth through the hoods

Every workout wardrobe needs that warmer layer for pre and post sessions. We have included four  cropped gym hoodies that are perfect for pairing with your active wear sets! We can’t describe how excited we are by these beautiful creations! Available in black, pink grey or white you can always hit the gym feeling comfortable and cosy in this athleisure essential!

5. Save some time and grab the set

If you’re looking for the best women’s workout clothes you might just want to grab the set rather than crawling through each category. We’ve made it super easy to grab your affordable gym wear sets in the one place, our activewear category! Our seamless collection has lots of choice; available are the seamless leggings, seamless sports bra and seamless vest top & with over five different colours to choose from! We’ve made sure its easy for you to pick your favourite combination and colour and checkout with ease. Look for the sets when you’re perusing 😊

So there you have it! Our top 5 reasons to add 304 activewear into your workout wardrobe! Click through here to view the collection!

We’ve also launched our new men’s activewear collection, you can look at that here.

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