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PERFECTLY IMPERFECT: The Mental Health Awareness Collection

Here at 304 Clothing, we have released a new collection that has been designed as part of a campaign to raise awareness on mental health. As a brand with a predominantly younger audience we’re aware of the impact that the fashion industry can have on young people’s minds and are committed to making a change. The collection named ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ was released on 10th October and is exclusive to our website 304clothing.com. The range consists of four hoodies and four t-shirts, available in four colours Black, Blue, Grey and Yellow. The main design feature is a smiley globe which was created to symbolise that you aren’t alone if you’re suffering. It’s you and the world behind you. Why call it Perfectly Imperfect? It’s a slogan to tell a story that perfection is subjective and a matter of individual perspective.



We launched this collection on 10th October 2019 which is also a key date in the calendar, World Mental Health Day. Such awareness days are so important to help us learn more about mental wellbeing on a much bigger level. Recently there has been suicide prevention day which does an amazing job to spread light onto such a sad subject. Suicide is now the biggest killer in young people, but how can this be?! Such an upsetting fact means help is needed for the younger generation before it becomes too late for them. As much as we would love to have all the answers unfortunately we don’t, but the least we can do is use the platform we do have to maintain the conversation on mental health and help people understand that they aren’t isolated, it isn’t uncommon, they don’t need to be embarrassed and that it is OK not to be ok. A conversation can be the catalyst to recovery.


As mentioned earlier, there are two colour schemes available in the collection, one being a bright multicoloured offering and the second being more neutral tones for the older consumer. The main focus of the design is the holographic smiling globe, this is to symbolise that when people shine a light on you, you reflect light right back and that everyone needs support from other people to be the best version of themselves. The smiling face sits on top of the globe to show that we are all the same no matter where we are from or what we are going through, we are all humans. The slogan ‘Perfectly Imperfect’, slots into the design using multi coloured, staggered lettering to symbolise that even the written text isn’t ‘perfect’. The final element of the design is the second slogan ‘Strive For Progress Not Perfection’. Life is all about progress and overcoming whatever that day, week or month throws at you.



This release is the first in a series over the next twelve months. Also arriving this week is our next podcast episode. Within this some of the 304 team sit down with Debbie from achieve change and a very special guest, Alex Staniforth, author of two books where he opens up very truthfully about his own mental health wellbeing. Alex is also director of Mind Over Mountains, the social enterprise we are donating profits to from the Perfectly Imperfect collection. This is a great cause and offers help to people needing to spend time away from their day to day lives and host group events in the UK mountains.


We plan to do everything we can to continue raising awareness on this subject and really hope we can make a difference to someone’s life however big or small. If you want to contact us about our campaign in any capacity we are here to help. Email us at help@304clothing.com and we’ll get straight back to you.

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