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Who said Christmas jumpers have to be clichÉ?

It seems that our new Christmas jumpers are making a bit of a festive cheer amongst you lot! We have recently launched a collection that features six unisex designs that are made for more of a, well, everyday occasion over the Christmas period! Not to mention it’s National Christmas Jumper Day (UK) on 13th December, so you need to make sure you’re wearing the best Christmas sweater in the office that day!

Whether it’s for Christmas jumper day, the office party or so you’re looking in the festive spirit on Christmas eve in the hometown local, we’ve got a Christmas jumper range that’ll get everyone looking green with envy.

When we designed this Christmas range we wanted to move away from the cliché of knitted jumpers and a Rudolph reindeer stitched on the front, not because we wanted to kill Christmas but because a lot of people want to wear something that looks half decent…

The full range, that you can see here, is made up of hoodies and sweaters! Available in Red, Black and Grey there’s a style for everyone’s taste. So how have we made them festive? We have created three styles with the first being our 304 logo made out of a candy cane (no, not real candy, sorry). This features on the majority of the styles because we think it’s pretty cool!


The second is a Christmas light chain turned into a 304 logo. This cartoon style design only features on the 304 Penguin Hoodie Grey and the 304 Light Up Xmas Sweater Grey. A clever twist on the fairy light feature that has become so popular on peoples Christmas attire these days!


The third and final design is the 304 penguin! Forget Chilly the snowman or Kevin the carrot! This year is all about the 304 penguin! This cool character features on many of the designs as they’re deserving to take centre stage this Christmas and is our personal favourite!


Make sure you check out these Christmas crackers before they’re gone as there is only a limited number! Shop here.

Christmas Jumper day is on Friday 13th December, make sure it’s a lucky one for you by reppin’ a 304 Christmas jumper!

Have a great Christmas!

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