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WIll you be my 304 Valentine?

Roses are re.. of course we’re joking! No self-respecting writer would ever dream of starting a Valentine’s blog with that cliché would they?.. Well we’re not joking on the valentine’s theme as we’re here to save your blushes on the 14th February. We’re not saying romance is dead by any means! But we know that deadline day is fast approaching and the internal panic might just be setting in even if the exterior is showing complete Zen. It might be that you don’t have a clue what to buy or you feel it’s all a bit of a marketing ploy but that inner conscience is chipping away and you know you need to get them something to make the exchange of gifts slightly less awkward by actually having a loving gift to give!

Fear not, we have created some Valentine’s offers that not only will you love to give but they will love to receive AND they won’t break the bank. Just call us Cupid from now on!

So what constitutes as the ideal gift for her? No secret, our hugely popular and best seller is the 304 Lounge wear box. It’s available in seven colours and comes as a Sports Bra, Sport Short and Legging Pant bundle. For this week we have reduced the price of the set to £39.99 making this the perfect gift for your loved one. In the Valentine’s for her section you’ll also find the Zinfandel Velour tracksuit set which is a sure win as it’s super soft, 100% cotton and perfect for those Valentine’s eve chills.

For him we have put together an offering that every guy needs in their life! Not only will this solve your present problems but might even help you in the coming weeks when you’ve got no socks to go to the gym! It’s the underwear winner, the socks and boxer pack. For just £19.99 there’s 2 pairs of boxer shorts and 3 pairs of socks! Yes, that’s potentially 3 pairs of socks you can steal! That’s not all we’ve dropped in the gifts for him section, there’s also the ever popular ‘3 for 30’ deal where you can get 3 randomly selected T-shirts for just £30. We’ve also included the new 304 bag range for a quick win this Valentine’s day, read more about the bags here.

We hope we’ve helped you score some brownie points and Happy Valentine’s!  

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