30.4 Day Challenge

So we are nearing the end of 2020 & like most people we will all be looking to put this year behind us & start to look to the future. We have taken it upon our selves to help everyone his the ground running in 2021 & to try bring some positivity to everyones days by creating the 30.4 day Challenge

So what is the 30.4 Day Challenge?
It is a 30 day challenge, were we ask our community to try to complete 30 NEW things that they have never done before. By doing something new, we hope this will bring some excitement and help to broaden everyones minds, during the cold and wet month fo January. 

Who can enter the Challenge?
Anyone can enter, in fact the more the merrier.

Get your friends, family or even colleagues to get involved, this is about starting the year with a positive mindset & bringing people together by doing new things online together. 

How do I enter?
All you need to do is either upload a picture or video of your self doing your challenge every day for the month of January. Don't worry if you forget to post every day, just try to make sure you hit the target of 30 news things in the month. 

Hashtag 304challenge in your pictures or videos, so that our social team can see you doing your challenge and re share to our accounts. 

Besides starting the year with a  new motivated & positive mindset, the persons who's picture or video receives the highest engagement on our social channels will receive £304 to spend online in February! What a way to kick start February hey? 

How do you think of something new every day? 
We recommend you writing down your tasks for a week at a time, no matter how big or how small, they are all as important as each other to form a new positive mindset. 
Why not start your day with a more healthier drink option? Maybe end the day with a healthy tea instead of your can of coke. Write a gratitude journal each day. Practise yoga for the first time, try meditation, run your first 5k, cut out chocolate... What ever you decide to do, we are going to be there with you each step of the way. 

We can not wait to see you all get involved & kick start 2021 in a positive way, we are in this together. 

Team 304