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304 Remix - Andrew Sherborne


So we at 304 have decided to work with 12 artists in 2018 to Remix the 304 brand identity and logo. We challenged them all to look into what they think 304 is all about, what the brands personality is, the ethos is & to create three limited edition posters to go on Sale on our website exclusively. 

The first Graphic Designer we chose to kick start the project was Andrew Sherborne.
Andrew currently works for Golden in Leeds, which is one of the most forward thinking Graphic design companies in the country, working with some incredible clients, which is one of the reasons why Andrew's designing and thinking is always at the cutting edge.

Andrew has also played a vital role in the development of 304 over the last 18 months. Being close friend of 304's Creative Director David Michael Powell, he has been a constant feature in the direction of the brand & took on the project of the rebrand that the company went through back in 2016. Andrew is also in the process of a brand refresh project which will be going live in AW18, which is why we thought he was the perfect man to kick start this project.  

We are sure you will all agree that the three pieces of artwork Andrew has created are our of this world & we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Every piece is hand signed and numbered by Andrew him self, these are going to go on to become collectors pieces, so make sure you do not hang around! 

Click Here to shop the Limited Edition Posters. 

Andrew Sherborne Profile
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