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Gym style from 304

There’s no better training than summer training. Whether you’re losing weight for holidays, toning, mass building, cardio improving or closed season strength and conditioning you cannot beat walking into the gym on a warm evening and grafting towards your goals! We aren’t going to offer motivational quotes to help you exercise. We’re a big believer in doing things to make you feel good inside as well as out so we completely get if the gym just isn’t your thing and a lot of respect goes out to you for admitting it! All we want to offer here at 304 is a clothing range that works just as well styling it out in the street as it does in the gym.

The weather might have turned the corner here in the UK but that doesn’t mean that it’s here to stay. It also doesn’t mean that our customers from around the globe are in shorts and vest weather either! The 304 tracksuit is therefore a must have for your training weeks. Hoodie or zip jacket and the 304 tapered joggers will carry you through those intense workouts or help you lounge on your rest days whilst still bringing that urban style. Check out the Harlem Sports Luxe Tracksuit, the thin fabric and tapered fit is ideal for your commute to the gym or your full work out. Optioned in a pull over jumper or zip jacket, which ever you prefer this set has you covered for your workout. Have a look at our tracksuit section for all of our styles to give you that different gym look.

304 Harlem Sports Luxe Tracksuit

When it comes to t-shirts for your workout everyone has different tastes. Some like to see their efforts swell in a muscle fit where as others like to go for the bulky look in a boxy fit oversized style. Do you know which one you are yet? If you’re not sure that doesn’t matter as we’ve got a huge variety of T-shirts that you can wear for your workout. Let’s starts with the 304 Hero Tee, the brand carrier! A lighter weight muscle fit design coming in a few colours and at only £20 a pop these are the perfect product to fill your drawers with and feel good whilst striving towards your goals. On the other hand, there’s the boxy fit oversized ranges for the more comfortable workout, we’ve got a huge range of oversize’s allowing you to work out like it’s the 80s again.

304 Hero T-Shirt White

As we get deeper into the summer, we’ll be releasing brand new shorts/vest twins sets. The style will be that relaxed basketball vibe and could be your go to outfit whilst training this summer. Make sure you keep an eye on our social channels for when that is going to drop!

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