Here are 304 clothing we’re all about three things. Innovation, imagination and integrity. Three brand new features on our web store, no hassle returns, live chat & click and collect all around the UK. 

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New Website Features

Here at 304 clothing we’re all about three things. Innovation, imagination and integrity. At the core of these three principles is our unwavering desire to better your experience whether you’re a first time buyer or longstanding 304 client. Let’s be real; if you’re parting with your hard earned cash it had better be for a good reason right? With this in mind, we’re continually striving to improve not only our product, but the entire package - from the point of purchase, to you finally rocking one of our signature styles.

So buckle up, as the following added extras are all now in place to make your life easier in a world where shopping should really be a source of pleasure, rather than pain.

We’re now thrilled to offer clients the option of pre paid returns. Simply drop us a cheeky email and we’ll gladly send you a sticker so that you can drop off your item at your nearest post office. The only thing that we’ll do on our side is knock £2 off your refund. You can’t say fairer than that in terms of convenience. For further info, simply log on to our newly revamped website and all details can be found under the deliveries and returns section.

Next up… Given that we now live in a world where trying to achieve the infamous ‘gym, tan and laundry’ is nigh on impossible, we’ve thought of yet another way to streamline your shopping experience. We now delivery to over 300 delivery points around the UK so that you can select your nearest store and simply pick it up after work. Or better still; send your other half, which gives you time for a sneaky after work pint. Once again, the small print can be found within our deliveries and returns section so you can check out the small print for yourself.

We get that your busy; time is money and all that jazz. Therefore with this in mind, we also now offer a live online chat so that clients can ask us about sizes etc (and get an immediate response) between 8am-6pm. So there you have it, three really is the magic number. Marilyn Monroe once said that you have to suffer for fashion but here at 304 clothing we disagree. Get set to enjoy three brand spanking new services, all designed to take the stress out of your sense of style.

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