jon hutchins

DOB: 11/01/1989

Being best friends with DMP has meant being in and around 304 Clothing since the word go. Having belief in the lads and where the brand was heading I have always expressed my desire to work with them one day when the time was right. Since leaving University going to work in a sales environment I have gained experience in selling everything from my own personal training fitness services to multi million pound IT data centre infrastructures.

These years of valuable experience working in both fast growing smaller businesss as well as large commercial organisations now enables my skill set to be applied to my role at 304 Clothing in helping grow the brand and building the foundations for a huge future ahead! Working at 304 has certainly opened my eyes and proves that if you are lucky enough to find a job that you really love and are passionate about it really does bring out the best of you in both your work and your personal life.

We take great pride in the work culture that we are building here at 304 and we cannot wait to bring in more people who share our vision and join us as we continue to grow and evolve in to an established worldwide brand.

Outside of work I absolutely love sport and music. I play football every week and try and combine that with as many nights out as I can get away with! Over the past 2-3 years, I have been DJ'ing at numerous nights and venues up and down the UK and also put on a series of events in London called... Pikaso!