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304 Custom Builder Is Here

Back in 2012 304 was founded by three friends who designed & made custom vests for their pals to wear to festivals. Fast forward 8 years & 304 has pushed the boundaries of E-Commerce and launched their very own 'Custom product builder' exclusive to their website.

It is a lot more simple than it sounds; you simply pick your garment, pick your desired logos & place them where you want on the product. You can go back and remove logos if you change your mind, swap the colour of garment even after selecting all of your logos to see how it looks on different colours, it is truly is ground breaking.

Have you ever wanted to be a fashion designer? Well now is your time!

The artwork attached to your item varies from heat transfers to premium patches that you would see on any run way or the top floor at Selfridges.

Enough talking about the custom builder, why not give it a go & see what you come up with.

No need to purchase on impulse at 304, you can now buy to Invest


Take a look at our Logo Library HERE

Get started on your Custom design HERE

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