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304 Spotlight on emotional well-being | New Podcast!

We have released a new Podcast episode and it's all about mental well-being. This epsiode will form part our 304 Podcast series now named '304 Spotlight'. 

In this latest episode of the 304 Podcast we’re in conversation with David and Shaun from the 304 Clothing team, Debbie from achieve change and our very special guest Alex Staniforth. Alex is the Author of two books titled: Icefall: The True Story of a Teenager on a Mission to the Top of the World and Another Peak.  Today we’ll be discussing mental health and sharing experiences. Alex, who has faced many challenges in his life time opens up to the group about his experiences and battles with his own mental wellbeing. Stay tuned for this episode that is split into two parts. 

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This episode is timed with the launch of our mental health awareness collection  called Perfectly Imperfect which is now available on the website. For more information on this read the blog.

Special thanks to Alex for coming on and sharing his story and advice. Hopefully this makes a difference to anyone listening.

 @alex_staniforth | www.alexstaniforth.com | www.mindovermountains.org.uk  

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