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A humble scare this Halloween?...

A humble scare this Halloween? Creep you may and not be seen! 304 brings a ghoulish collection which you can find in our holiday section! Neon orange hoodies but with a modest creation our Halloween range is designed for an everyday occasion!

Struggling with the riddle?! Don’t worry, we’re just trying to get into the Halloween (ghostly) spirit here at 304! We’ve brought out a small Halloween style collection that’s perfect for the Halloween holiday season. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we have ventured down the scary costume or fancy-dress route, no, no, no. Instead we have created a more subtle streetwear collection that will still allow you to go about your everyday/evening business but with a Halloween twist!

Halloween came about over two thousand years ago when Celtic folks would wear masks to scare away the dead in a ceremony called Samhain. Now I’m not saying that our new collection could do the same job but at least you could look super slick whilst you’re trying to deter a Halloween haunting!

There are a few different styles to pick from the collection and all are a treat. The current favourite amongst our customers seems to be the neon orange hoodie! This has two reflective 304 logos which definitely gives off a scream...

Amongst the orange hoodies we also have a black hood collection with a Halloween spin. A wonderfully weird but beautiful butterfly design is printed on the back and a cobweb tangled 304 logo pressed on the chest, which makes for the perfect streetwear option this season.

It wouldn’t be a Halloween collection without something to make you stand out under a full moon! We have added a ‘Glow spook tee’ mini range which is available in grey or orange. It has a 304 ghostly logo on the front that glows in the dark so you’d be sure to look dead slick when you creep up to the party!

Enter the store if you dare before it’s too late! And grab your Halloween wardrobe!

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