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Club 304 - Learn about our new loyalty Scheme!

We’re so happy to announce we have launched a rewards scheme for all our loyal customers called Club 304! A reward scheme is something we have looked to launch for a while to make sure that customers and followers are being rewarded for their engagement with 304 Clothing!


We have never shied away from offering rewards in the form of discounts or free product and we’ll continue to do so but they’ll just be more available to access within Club 304! So make sure you have created a log in account at 304clothing.com, that can be done here. If you have previously shopped with us and created an account you will already be enrolled so just log in to your account and click on the golden widget at the bottom of the page! (Remember it needs to be an account created so if you have checked out as guest in the past or you're only signed up to the newsletter you won't have an existing account with us).

You can gather points for all sorts of things! Making a purchase, referring a friend, following us on our social channels or even for just becoming one year older : )

Once you’ve stored up enough points you can use them to redeem rewards like money off vouchers!

Based on your engagement with the brand you’ll be given a Club 304 key which is either bronze, silver or gold (unfortunately you won’t be getting a physical key sent to you!). Bronze key means your at the lower level, silver key is the middle level and gold the highest level. The higher the level the better the rewards available and the more points you can earn per task you complete! So it pays off the more you engage with the brand!

Check out the Club 304 page to learn all about it!

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