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How to dress when it's Spring but kinda not!

We’re currently in the season where some days are getting us very excited for summer and other days remind us that we haven’t made it into spring JUST yet. Regardless of the weather, at 304 we are also transitioning for you amazing customers and bringing in the freshest garms that suit the freakish English weather.

Be prepared to break all boundaries and put a “spring” in your step.

Cycling shorts are just for summer… said no one EVER. Switch up your going into spring game with the 304 branded cycling shorts. Why not be bold and go for the mustard colour to bring in the spring feels? The cycling shorts are a must have, especially in this transitioning weather as we have the PERFECT matching high neck long sleeved 304 branded top to go with them, keeping you nice and toasty but still showing a bit of cheeky leg, which will be the go to outfit for the pre-spring weather.

304 Cycling Shorts Set

It’s time to ditch your boring old 2018 denim jacket and introduce a 304 retro style denim jacket into your wardrobe inestad (also one you and the better half can share).

The 304 denim jacket supports the 80s retro revival that London fashion week has seen. Wear with a casual day outfit or throw on top of a sports luxe outfit. You will be sure to pull off a killer look in the 304 staple denim jacket. It’s a must!

304 Denim Botega Jacket Black

Let’s talk about the commute to work between seasons where you just can’t win! From getting on the tube/public transport sweating and feeling like you’re in Barbados to getting off and freezing to death. Don’t threat, 304 has this problem covered.

The 304 Block colour hood will be your best friend this pre-spring season. The amazing purpose of the hood is to layer.

Style with a t-shirt, layer with the hood and layer again with the 304 oversized retro denim jacket. Get too hot? Take a layer off! Layer, layer layer and get the 9-5 look sorted. 

304 Colour Block Hoodie

Forget what you heard, being comfy is a look. We have gone to town with all things comfy with our super stylish lounge set range. Buy a lounge box, including joggers, shorts and crop top. To create a stylish, feminine but comfy look style our favourite 304 brand lounge set with a pair of trainers and you are ready to go. Not only is it super stylish but great for those mornings where you are running late and can’t think of what to wear! The lounge box is already set out and ready to go!

As it starts to get warmer simply swap the joggers for the shorts. The lounge box is a real game changer.

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