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2020 Men’s gym wear: Our new affordable essential range

When you think men’s gym attire, is it affordable or fashionable that is the first port of call? Should it be one or the other? The answer is probably no, it should be both. It’s 2020 and here at 304 Clothing we are launching our first official men’s activewear range that has been devised to amalgamate slick and stylish sportswear with a very affordable price tag, with the goal of creating some of the best men’s workout clothes on the market.

Whether your reading this as a regular exerciser or as a budding new recruit remember that hitting the gym is a big part of your week. If you’re going 1,2,3 times a week or even every day, you’re spending a lot of hours in your gym kit. That means a couple of things; firstly, you want to be comfortable wearing it whether that’s fit, fabric or fashion make sure you can spend hours at a time in it. When you’re pushing your body to its limits, you’re going to be getting a serious sweat on, you need something that will have your back, limit the sweat retention and dry out just as quickly.

Secondly, with all those hours you’re putting in you’ll probably need to bolster your workout wardrobe in volume too. That means investing in it. We’d all love to be working out in designer sportswear that we’ve picked up from Selfridges but sadly that can’t be the case for everyone, nor does it need to be. Cheaper, high-performance gym wear does exist and we’re here to champion it!

As mentioned, we have just launched our 2020 gym vision. Alongside the new women’s collection, is our men’s active wear range. Its small but mighty and really does pack a punch but won’t knockout your bank account at the same time. Here’s the breakdown…

The 304 active t-shirt is your everyday essential workout wear. Affordable, high quality material allowing a cool and comfortable workout indoors or outdoors. The reflective 304 logo sits on the chest making it the perfect jogging t-shirt. A great all-round training t-shirt at just £19.99.

The 304 black active sports luxe shorts are the one stop for all of your exercise activities. Again, lightweight and breathable and made from 100% polyester. The everyday essential you need in your workout wardrobe for just £19.99

The 304 active sports luxe 1/4 zip pullover is the multi-performance top. Close fitting without compression allowing you to have a comfortable workout whilst maintaining a great look. The wicking fabric also stretches giving you room to wear it with post workout pump!

We’ve also added two outerwear pieces that fit the range perfectly. The active windbreaker coat is lightweight and breathable, perfect for your outdoor workout. Whilst it protects you from the elements, its breathability allows you to stay cool on your biggest runs. 304 reflective logo on the chest making it practical for those night time runs.

The active sports luxe sleeveless hood is designed to maximise your workout. Dropped cut armholes for ease of movement, you'll be able to keep this on throughout your session. If you're after something that works for pre, during and post gym this is your must have.


So there you have it, our guide to why you can have affordable, fashionable men’s gym wear! Check out the range here.

Don’t forget we have launched a women’s range too, read more about that here.

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