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We’re bringing giving back.


Christmas, ‘tis the season of excess. You know the drill. If you’re anything like the team over at 304, you’ll have eaten too much, drank too much and last but not least, spent waaaaay too much. And whilst we love the season of eating, drinking and being very, very merry as much as the next person, come January, the guilt of your over indulgence starts to kick in, and you realise that it’s time to give something back.


With this thought in mind, we figured what better way to utilise the unused samples that we’d amassed throughout 2017, than by giving them out to the homeless in our adopted home city, London. Of course, we remain hugely committed to growing our brand, but 2018 sees the start of 304 in the community; starting with this initiative which we hope to roll out across the country, with Manchester being the next stop.


As an ecommerce brand, we miss out on the buzz of seeing our shoppers opening up their goods, but the sense of satisfaction that we earned from helping those less fortunate is hard to articulate. After pounding the pavements of Waterloo (20,000 steps at last count in case you’re interested) we were able to distribute somewhere in the region of a 100 hoodies to those in need.


A particularly poignant moment was having given a gent a jumper that was too large for him, only to find out minutes later that he’d passed it on to a friend of his. As 304 grows, so too does our need to balance that growth with a sense of social responsibility; which is why we’re currently working hard behind the scenes to produce pre paid returns labels so that you too can return any unwanted or unloved clothes and we’ll do the rest. With planned partnerships taking shape with homeless shelters across the UK, this is truly just the start of something that we hope will become much bigger.


Winston Churchill once said, ‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give’. Frankly, we couldn’t agree more. Watch this space for more 304 in the community initiatives and ways for you to get involved. We will be looking to do one spotlight every month so make sure you check out next months blog post to see our activities in the community. 

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