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304 Remix Collection 2021
So to kick this year off in the right way, we have decided to take further action to combat the ever growing fast fashion culture.

Instead of continually launching new collections, and ordering more and more product, which in turn is hurting our planet more and more with every product made, we have decided to give the power back to our incredible 304 team to design 'New' product using our existing clothing & artwork. 

Not only is this better for the environment, but it is also better for us as a brand to ensure that every item we have finds a home, by reinventing the design and giving you our valued customers something different online... (Also gives our team a little competition to see who designs the best selling item :) ) Last time Charlie won by a country mile... she doesn't let the team hear the last of it.

So how does this work? Well as you know 304 Clothing prints a lot of our clothing here in the UK, & this means that 304 regularly has blank clothing that is to be embellished with new designs thought out the year, so with this collection, we gave each member of the team a product, and a bunch of logos and let them design their piece in just ten minutes.

Make sure you check out each persons design & help pick a winner by grabbing your favourite one :) 

Styles will be dropping into the new in section over the next two weeks.
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