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Holiday style but keeping it street!

Where are you off to this summer? Are you looking for that deep chill in the sun along sandy beaches forgetting you ever sat at an office desk? Flying to a capital city for some exploring or is your idea of a holiday letting your hair down in a party destination? Well they all sound equally enjoyable to us here at 304 and we think we’ve got every angle covered when it comes to your suitcase needs.

Sometimes we can fall at the first hurdle and I mean the first. Travelling to your destination sets the tone of the holiday so you want to make sure you’re reppin’ an outfit that’s fitting for the whole journey. If you’re heading abroad we all know too well that the early morning starts in a cold UK airport means you need to be wrapped up (even in June!) and then when that plane door opens and you can see the heatwaves run along the runway you know that the hoodie and jeans combo needs to make an emergency exit! This summer we’ve introduced the 304 Griffon twinsets, available in grey, black and navy. The sets are made from premium waffle fabric so are perfect for travel as not only are they the hottest product to look at right now but the premium waffle fabric will keep you cosy in the cold and cool on the runway.

Don’t forget the bags either. We’ve a got a selection of accessories to make the journey that little bit easier. 304 back pack and roll bags make that ideal sized cabin luggage or the 304 bumbags (one of our biggest sellers this summer) will get you Ibiza ready and representing 304 in the clubs!

When it comes to the day time chill whether it’s poolside or if you’re making an adventure into town there’s only one option for you this year - The JMU sleeveless t-shirt set. Sleeveless can sometimes be a put off when you start to think you haven’t been bicep curling as much as you could have in the gym… but this style isn’t all about showing off the swell! The relaxed fit vest is a sound fit for any body shape. The streetwear style is a little basketball esque in some ways, especially when partnered with the JMU shorts but don’t let this deceive you as the oversized look is still killing it this year and will be throughout the summer.

Another faux pas can be falling to the pressures of wearing a shirt when, quite frankly, you’re on holiday and you want to dress as chilled as you can get away with it! Perfect with a pair of chino shorts and boat shoes or even some fresh sneakers the 304 Waffle t-shirt is a showcase piece to complete your smart casual evening outfit. The boxy fit allows you to stay chilled whilst the waffle fabric and subtle colours instil that touch of class whilst you stroll the streets.

Make sure you’re tagging #wear304 on your travels this year so we can see how you’re styling 304!

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