OFF 304 - Why you'll love this Custom range. OFF 304 - Why you'll love this Custom range.

OFF 304 - Why you'll love this Custom range.

Aug 6, 2019

When we launched the custom range back in February, we opened ourselves up to a new, seriously fun process in designing and producing urban clothing. Initially we dropped the elementary series and tested the whole methodology of giving our 304 family a choice in how you want your streetwear to look. Beginning with simple 304 brand logos, we have developed colours, styles and materials which the 304 community loved! We’re now at a stage where there is big demand for a customised style with logo patches, such as the vibrant chenille patch, selling out fast.

But we’re in no hurry to rush styles and 304 Custom is only getting better and better in our opinion. Our latest, drop backs that notion and really captures that urban style that’s rooted in the 304 DNA. The beauty of the custom range is that we can take different styles and let you decide how you want it to look for you.

304 Custom OFF 304

The ‘OFF 304’ custom range does exactly that! We introduce a 3D style that creates a whole new dynamic to the 304 Custom range. There are 4 variants of a branded statement patch that shouts “304”! The design tilts its hat to our colleagues over at Off White who everyone knows are absolutely killing it right now. Those guys have shown anything is possible and that’s exactly what we believe about 304 Custom. The 4 variations come in 2 colours, black with yellow edging or white with a red edging. Both come in two sizes, an exuberant large or a subtler small.

304 Custom OFF 304

You’ll be able to patch this style onto t-shirts, hoods or tracksuits. You choose which look you want to rep. This range is most definitely a unisex vibe and the oversized style can be faired by anyone! Girls check out the oversized grey tee with large “304” patch, this makes the perfect tee-dress when you’re pairing it with cycle shorts. Lads our top tip is to consider the black patch on black tee. That all black look is the ultimate urban style that can be carried for day or night life.

304 Custom OFF 304

Enjoy these styles as much as we have enjoyed making them!