Dec 13, 2022

Christmas Shipping

Shipping Update So over Black Friday, our back up plan of additional shipping options to help with the Royal Mail strikes didn't work out as well...
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Dec 12, 2022

Lounging in 304 Loungewear

Have you ever scrolled Instagram and thought, I love the fashion sense of Kendal Jenner, or Gigi Hadid? Well you are not alone, they make sporty...
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Dec 12, 2022

Winter & Chill

When it comes to December, we all know what we want the most! Hot chocolates, warm baths, cosy blankets, Christmas films on the TV & someone...
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Dec 12, 2022

2022 Christmas Box

🎄IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME🎄This often poses some issues when it comes to shopping for presents.What do I buy for my; Friend, Partner, Son, Husband, Dad that they don't already...
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Oct 20, 2022

Mystery Boxes Are Back!

If you have been a fan of 304 Clothing for a while then you will have heard of 'Mystery Boxes'...
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Jul 26, 2022

Behind The Scenes at 304

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? Lights! Camera! Action! Well, wonder no more! We’re giving you an EXCLUSIVE preview behind the scenes...
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Jul 20, 2022

Sports Day

Did you know that the Birmingham is hosting the Commonwealth Games this Summer? Well we didn't want to feel left out, so to start our TENTH...
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Jul 11, 2022

304 Juniors takeover at Sweet and Street Event

Are you free in Birmingham on the 31st of July? Well add it to your diary and time to buy your ticket as we are at...
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Jul 8, 2022

Custom Is King

......after hundreds of requests, we have expanded our offering branding our from the initial launch of Monochrome colours, to the FULL suite of 304 brand colours
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Jul 4, 2022

The Bear Neccessaties 🐻

Have you seen the latest hire at 304 Clothing?....Bobbie the Bear🐻
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Jun 29, 2022

Summer Sessions 👀💌

Feel like you may have missed out on Summer 2020 & Summer 2021....?
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Apr 27, 2022


The Custom Lab Have you looked through the website and thought a logo should be placed elsewhere or paired alongside another logo? You can now customise...
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Mar 25, 2022

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is nearly here. Let's make time for all the mums by treating them to our gift guide selection. Why don't you pop the kettle...
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Mar 17, 2022

Category is: Top 8 Green Picks for St Patricks Day

St Paddy's day is here! Sorry we can't give you a pot of gold. However we have picked out 8 of our top picks that St...
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Dec 31, 2021

12 Months of 304: 2021 Round Up

  It's been a busy year here at 304 HQ! We wanted to reflect with you our highlights of the year, and some of the big...
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Dec 19, 2021

Streetwear: How Streetwear made 304 the brand it is

What is 304 Streetwear? Streetwear is a retail phenomenon that kicked off during the 80's. Think graffiti, skater boys and hip-hop.  Streetwear is BACK, and it's here to...
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Jul 12, 2021

Who Runs the World?... 304 Juniors! The New Summer Range is Here.

304 Latest Juniors Collection has Dropped!  After the last year we think it's time to inject the fun back into our lives. What better way to...
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Jun 22, 2021

Summer is Here! So is the New Women's Summer Land Collection..

Summer has finally landed here at 304! Hi my name is Chloe and I'm a print specialist at 304. I have been lucky enough to develop...
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