Winter & Chill Winter & Chill

Winter & Chill

Dec 12, 2022
When it comes to December, we all know what we want the most!
Hot chocolates, warm baths, cosy blankets, Christmas films on the TV & someone to snuggle up with and enjoy the nesting feeling.

HOWEVER. You need to be feeling a million bucks while doing that, as why would you want to chill in old t-shirts you painted the house in 10 years ago, or your ex boyfriends football hoodie you kept from University?
You need a 304 Winter & Chill Box, hands down, no questions asked, they are a must have this season!

So for just £49.99 (Not that the price is important here) you get 1 Sweatshirt, 1 T-Shirt, a pair of tartan branded PJ bottoms and 1 pair of the signature 304 smiley socks. You have layers, comfort & style all rolled into one with also a saving of £75. We don't need to do the maths, but we will anyway, that is OVER 50% off RRP price for 4 items, with one simple click of a button.

Winter & Chill Box 🎁

This is a December only offer. We want our customers kitted out in style for Christmas, if you take a picture and tag us on social media, one person will be refunded for their order on January 1st, as a thank you for supporting us in 2022.

Happy shopping, happy winter box and chilling and most of all HAPPY CHRISTMAS.