Pick & Mix Pick & Mix

Pick & Mix

Jun 21, 2018
One of 304’s strengths is our versatility. You are able to wear 304 whilst travelling in the airport just as easily as wearing to party in Ibiza.
The versatility and clean designs allow you to either pair up your favourite 304 pieces with its perfectly designed counter parts or with items from your own wardrobe.

Lets take the Gaia bralet for example; you have the opportunity to pair it up with up to ten different products; Joggers, shorts, skirts or whatever takes your fancy online. Every piece that is designed and launched by 304 has to be able to be mix and matched to suit any occasion.

304 is a lifestyle brand, we want our customers to be able to come to the web store and leave with complete outfits that don’t just have one use. Take the Eris Bralet and Skirt, which is a quirky edgy outfit that would be worn perfectly at a festival or skating down Venice beach. Opt to throw over the new Windbreakers and quickly you have an outfit that is suited to an afternoon brunching in London or New York

This Summer we have launched more products, more styles and more combinations than ever before. Feeling a little spoilt for choice? Why not jump on Live Chat on our website and have a chat with the experienced in house team and discuss your style and they would be happy to make suggestions based on the look you are aiming to achieve.

We are huge believers in recycling and re using. Being able to re invent a piece of clothing by the way you style it is just another way we aim to create a sustainable brand that has low wastage. Don’t throw away that old bra jumper just because its two months old. Customise it, rip it, draw on it, style it with some new shorts and you have your self a band new look :)

Much Love - Team 304