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304 Running Club

Introducing the 304 Running Club.

A group set up to bring our community together.
During 2020 a lot of people took it upon themselves to get fit and with the warmer days on the horizon and hopefully times where we can all meet up again, we thought why not start a Running Club?

The Club is not confined to us all meeting up and pounding the pavement together, but it is also designed to push each other, cheer each other on and more importantly get better and feel better together.

So what can you expect then?

+ Monthly challenges
+ Monthly meet ups and runs (when premitted)
+ Prizes to be won
+ Exclusive 304 running club merchandise
+ Running tips & product reviews
+ Fundraisers for Charity

Just a few benefits of running;
1. Keeps you healthy
2. Aid weight loss
3. Develops your core
4. Boosts confidence
5. Fights depression
6. Reduces bone & muscle wasting
7. Increases human growth hormone levels
8. Maintain proper blood pressure 
9. Form of meditation
10. Helps sleep

To join our Strava group, simply click the link below, you will then be in the group and be able to see everyones achievements and times :) 


If you want to grab one of the limited edition Running Club T-Shirts then the link is below, we will be launching new colours throughout the year & once they are sold out they are sold out. We want to keep these exclusive to our members. 


Lets do this together :)

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