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Christmas Shipping
👉 Shipping Update 👈
So over Black Friday, our back up plan of additional shipping options to help with the Royal Mail strikes didn't work out as well as we had hoped, meaning we were not able to sidestep the delays Royal Mail inflicted on our operations.
Couple this with us over achieving by 70%, when we had planned for a ceiling of growth of 30%, we found our selves with our backs against the wall a little bit with shipping orders on time and ensuring our SLA's were met to our extremely high standard.

We understand that 'Sorry' is just a word and we ask for you to stick with us, keep faith in us and we will show you over the next 12 months that these hurdles are only temporary and next Black Friday period this WILL NOT happen again.
We are now setup to despatch with Fedex as of 13/12/22 to ensure we catch up with the backlog or orders caused by the Royal Mail strikes and the 70% increase in orders over the BFCM period.
This is to ensure everybody gets their parcels in the quickest possible time. All orders shipped via Fedex will be a next day service.
🎄🎁Christmas UK Deliveries 🎄🎁
Select 'Queue jump' at checkout to guarantee this service

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