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DOB: 11/01/1989

Creating my own brand is a dream come true, waking up and going to 'work' just never feels like work. Having the freedom to work from where ever you want and be as creative as you like is an incredible feeling. I hope you all enjoy seeing us grow, as much as we all enjoy growing.

Studying architecture at university gave me a real desire to design and create at any level. I always enjoyed making models and cutting materials to create, but i also loved the process of getting to the end result. This is one of the most valuable things I took from my time working in architecture, it was to enjoy the journey and ensure you document it all.

Our very first vests were purchased from a high street shop and I hand cut felt letters on my drawings board, while Sean ironed htem on... who would have known at the time that was the start of a great partnership?! 

The moment we decided to try to elevate 304 from being an after work hobby, into a way of life and full fledged lifestyle brand, was when we were driving across Route 66. Every summer we went on a road trip in America and it was where we got all our inspiration from for our clothes that we designed. We hope one day we will be able to take 304 over into the American market, as we feel there is an element of our roots over there.

"We promised our selves one day we will go back and buy apartment 304, and have it as our office."

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