Live Your Life - Sigma V1 Live Your Life - Sigma V1

Live Your Life - Sigma V1

Dec 31, 2020

304 x Sigma - Live Your Life Capsule Collection

Back in 2013 our Brand Director & Co Founder DMP met Cam 1/2 of Sigma through a mutual friend in Manchester & they hit it off. Within the first month of knowing each other and discussing some ideas for some collaborative merchandise, Sigma was just about to blow up on the radio with their hit 'Nobody to Love' & the collab sold out within 2 weeks. At the time, it was the fastest selling T-Shirt in 304's history.

Cam & Joe have just gone from strength to strength since that day, headlining festivals all over the world & becoming a house hold name across the glove. Fast forward to Lockdown 2020, David & Cam started chatting again about the march & what Sigma had planned beyond the current global lockdowns, and they came up with the idea of creating a capsule range that could bring even just 1% of that feeling of being at a gig or a festival, through the use of colours and images. 

The range is a 15 piece collection, ranging from T-Shirts, to hoodies to joggers & with the current situation in the UK right now, they are the perfect house rave pieces.

The collection goes live on January 17th & will be exclusively available on the website. To gain early access make sure you have downloaded the 304 Clothing App. 

304 fired Cam 10 quick fire questions, take a look for a deeper understanding of where Sigma came from...

304 - What was your first experience of live music & was there anything that sticks with you still to this day from that experience?

CAM - My family went to see the Gypsy kings live. Im sure that’s not the first experience but the first one I can remmeber. Only really the music sticks, however I do have the worst memory on the planet.

304 - How did you and Joe meet & where?
CAM - This has been documented about 1million times, but i’ll do but again!! We met at Leeds Uni, I was running events and Joe was DJing and promoting some as well. He came into the record shop I worked at and put some poster up. We got chatting and I soon realised he was a sick catch dj, so booked him to play in the back room at the Drum and bass arena party.

304 - When you are preparing for a Set or Festival, how do you guys plan what you are going to wear, or is it more of a case of what T-Shirt is clean? lol
CAM - We used to wear anything at our shows! Now we are a bit more in tune with clothing so we are far more interestred in our appearance. We learned quickly that on a dark stage, its not about wearing all black! Awe used to get lost on the stage!! A big jacket and a sick tshirt is a staple.

304 - What is your favourite set of all time that you played?
CAM - Our set at the Road Albert hall was special. We sold out the place for one night only! Choir, orchestra etc etc It was epic

304 - What is your favourite festival?
CAM - This is a hard one. We always love playing at WeAre or SW4 is always a laugh. But tbh we would play at any gig after this bloody year!

304 - If you could only play one song on repeat for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
CAM - Nobody to love…. Obviously not! Something chilled by lludovico einaudi. Pick one

304 - Coke or Pepsi?
CAM - Water 

304 - If you could feature one signer on a future track, dead or alive who would it be?
CAM - Dead - Marvin Gaye.
CAM - Alive - Drake

304 - What is it you like about 304 Clothing & why did you guys decide to do a capsule range with them?
CAM - We have been mates for some time now and we reached out to the guys to grab a few bits from the new range. We started chatting about merchandising etc and we came up with the collab idea. Its nice to work with someone who gets your ideas’ and also turns stuff around quickly.

304 - What is your favourite piece from the collection?
CAM - I love the live your life hoodie. Its a mantra for us.

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